Welcome to Kruckenberg Drucklufttechnik

Kruckenberg Drucklufttechnik GmbH has been one of the leading specialist dealers for applied compressed air technology in Northern Germany since 1971. We have been developing and manufacturing sturdy, oil-free piston compressors since 2009.

We also provide tailor-made stations including all necessary control and treatment components as a vendor-neutral partner. On request including pipeline construction, service and repair work, volume flow measurements, as well as compressed air quality and energy analysis by our trained specialist personnel.


Compressor station for 3D printers in the USA

AIRBOX compressed air station in a 20-foot container delivered to USA, Michigan. 2x oil-free SGT piston compressors, redundant compressed air treatment, 2x high-precision chiller and a central inert gas suction.

Water injected screw compressor

An absolutely oil-free compressed air supply with 6 m3/min was commissioned by us in Hamburg.